The Age of the DIY/Pinterest Bride

Are we there?  Have we as professionals been replaced by everything “DIY”?  Is Pinterest the new competition that we both loathe and admire at the same time?  Ladies and gentlemen, it might be time to face the music……or is it?

I have been a part of the wedding business for the better part of 20 years now.  I have watched trends come and go. Martha Stewart in, Martha Stewart out, and now, somewhere in between.  She was the first you know….the first to tell brides that they really didn’t need to hire a professional.  She was the first that for a time, openly ragged on us hardworking florists….yeah…..she may not own up to that one…but it happened.  So now we find ourselves battling if you will, against a more insidious, faceless, ambiguous foe……….yes that’s right……social media.

Social media.  We all subscribe to it whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google groups, etc.  They have become that family member that you would really rather not see, but you know you have to.  In business, we have come to rely on social networking.  Facebook has for many, replaced costly websites as the lure of FREE and PUBLIC is just too hard to resist.  We know we can reach so many more people in an instant, than we can by any other form of advertising.  Along with our desire to advertise, comes our willingness to show off our work in pictures……………to share with the world what we do……..oh and did I mention that sharing is now potentially shared by millions on a little site called Pinterest?  Oh yeah baby……just login…you’ll see!

Pinterest….oh how I both love and hate you.  The ideas zipping around in cyber space is mind boggling.  Everything from the latest trends in design, food, music, books, decor, vacations, you name it…there is a BOARD for that!  Really, if you haven’t seen it, you might just want to take a look.  Pinterest….what in the world do we do with you?  If nothing else, you have spawned a new and bigger generation of DIY brides.  The down economy is your partner.  Where do all the professionals fit in?  How do we survive? What are the questions we need to ask?  Well…I’ve got one.

You are a new bride, and you have decided that the incredible outdoor Pinterest cliched’ wedding is what you want.  You happily scan the web for all the items that you feel will copy; or at least give you the feel, of that irresistible Pinterest photo.  Your house now resembles a makeshift warehouse…oh and you haven’t told your family members and friends, that they are about to give you that, oh so incredible photo wedding…Yeah…here it comes.

Backing up a bit, I can tell you what often happens at the last minute with DIY brides and their families…………PANIC.  I have been there…done that.  I have had bride’s families at my shop’s door at 5 am panicked because that simple little container didn’t look like it could hold so many flowers!!!!!  More times than not…the UNDER ORDER happens.  That little container can actually hold 2 dozen stems of flowers!  Yikes!  Oh and did I tell you that Aunt Sally is about to pull her hair out if she had to glue one more thing…to one other thing…and well, you get the picture…..patience really does become a virtue for many in this case.

What I’m trying to say that wedding professionals are hired because THEY KNOW what to order and when.  Floral designers, like myself, have years of experience in ordering and designing.  We know proportions, scale, COST, and most of all, we know how long it takes to create those wonderful Pinterest weddings.  And trust me, DIY’s absolutely do not and that added stress can absolutely turn your fantasy wedding into a living nightmare.

So have I convinced you yet?  No? Ok…then consider this.  What is it worth to you to have a professional guide you through the process?  I do not mean physically create the look…I mean advise you?  Would you pay a professional like myself for my expertise on the front end, so the back end result is what you envision? Think about that.  If you found a look that you absolutely fell in love with, would you know where to begin?  Do you know where to find all of those fabulous items, and do you know how many flowers you really need to order, and when? Do you know how to save money on all those fresh blooms?  Do you?  So here is what I want YOU to do……

I want to hear from brides all over the country that are planning to DIY.  I want to know what you are doing, how you are going to do it, and where you think you’ll gather your materials. I would like to know what you think flowers cost…etc.  I also want to know how you feel about hiring a professional adviser.  Would that be helpful to you?  Let me know!  I am dying to hear from you and please, be honest and open with your answers. And oh most of all, I want you to tell me why you feel doing it yourself is far more economic than hiring a professional.  Thanks everyone!! 🙂 Feel free to include pictures!

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