Wedding Trends 2012: Creativity Is The New Black

I’m always intrigued to learn of the latest and greatest wedding trends in any given year.  2012 is starting out to be a rather eclectic mix of old, new, and everything in between.  Like life in general, when times are tough, people often take pause, and reflect on “the good old days,” which in reality, are not really all that great. However, perception is a wonderful vice, and often design choice is a reflection of just that, and wedding trends are no exception.

Take a look at Pinterest, (, and you will get an idea on where design is headed.  The vintage romantic, and rustic look, is all the rage.  Unlike the 1980’s where more was….well more…this year, “less is more,” or at least, “re-purposed” is even better! Couples are searching for more natural and affordable venues where mother nature provides an ideal ceremony and reception backdrop. The trend this year is to make the most of what is already there…then jazz it up with inexpensive items that can be made to look like a million bucks!  It can be done!

Taking a look at today’s stock market report, it is clear that this economy is not going to fully rebound in the near future.  It is going to take some careful planning, and a lot of thought, into making a tight budget stretch as far as possible.  If you are a DIY bride, think about starting to design your wedding very, very, early.  If possible, hire a consultant to guide you down the right path with design ideas.  A little money spent consulting with a professional, can save you big $$$ down the road.  Keep in mind that the trend is MORE WITH LESS!!!!!!  A professional consultant can show you how to come to terms with working within the confines of a tighter budget, and still pull off the wedding of your dreams.  Remember, the biggest hurdle is knowing where to start, and where to shop for the items that you need.  But the key here is going to be patience, and plenty of time to get everything in order!

And of course brides, as I always say….the tighter the budget, the smaller the guest list.  It is just an absolute fact that the more people you invite, the more money you are going to spend….period.  Decide on how many guests you really, really, want to share your special day with, and THEN choose the venue!  Look outside the city for a more natural wedding setting….this is happening more and more!  Look at ways to use what mother nature is already providing………lots of ideas are out there on that…………..look at places like Murphys, Ca for beautiful and affordable places to get married!  Think outside the box!!!!! A small rustic schoolhouse that is available here in Douglas Flat, Ca, is a wonderful place for a small wedding.  Check out local parks….we have a beautiful public park here in Murphys, Ca!!

Again, what is this year’s biggest trend? MORE FOR LESS!!!  MORE FOR LESS!!! And while that statement used to be reserved for the so-called “underprivileged,” it just isn’t so any longer.  Today’s bride is having to understand the complexities of a tough economy more than ever…no matter what her status.  And remember, it isn’t a matter of necessarily doing without, but more of a matter of how to create something fabulous out of the mundane.   After all I like to say: CREATIVITY IS THE NEW BLACK!  The key to success  with all of this,  is careful planning, whether you consult with a professional like Silver Leaf Events, or you go it alone.  Try not to only equate money with success….some of the most incredible weddings have been created with more imagination, talent, and patience and guidance,  than anything bought “out of the can,” so to speak with lots of $$$.  Have fun trying new things…………..GET CREATIVE…………..and you will achieve the wedding of your dreams.  I promise!!!

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