The DIY Bride: Should You?

As a professional florist, and former shop owner, I have created wedding designs to fit every budget.  In the 1990’s when our shop was doing a very large wedding business, the economy was relatively stable, thus brides on average were able to work with a larger budget.  Did that larger budget translate into a larger floral budget?  Well……..not always, but I will say that there was a bit more money going into the coffers of all professionals in the business then.  2012?  Hmmmmm let’s talk about that!

When I’m in the grocery store looking through the magazine section, I can’t help but notice the increase in DIY wedding publications.  Now, I am not surprised by this given the state of the economy, but I have noticed that when it comes to flower design, there is still a lack of information about cost.  Some do a pretty good job at breaking it down, but because flower prices can change as quickly as the weather, it can be hard to really pin point how much those designs are actually going to cost the bride.  So what does the DIY bride do in this case?  You really can’t go to your local florist….well you could but it’s bad form….and grill them for flower prices and advice….maybe a friend, or family member?  How about the opportunity to consult with a professional on not only the how to’s, but the how much, side of doing your own flowers?  I might have the answer.

When I sold my shop a decade ago, I truly believed I was done with the floral profession….period.  I had decided to go back to school and earn my B.A. in history….fully intending on earning my Master’s and going on to teach at our local community college.  But like many creative people, I just couldn’t get a way from designing and decorating… I created this company, Silver Leaf Events, so I could keep one foot in the door of designing, and also have a hand in planning and coordinating weddings when needed.  But honestly what I enjoy most is advising and teaching others how to do their own designs…and so I offer this…………….

As part of my business, I offer design consulting.  For a fee, I will help the DIY bride plan, purchase, and advise on how to create a beautiful wedding on her own, or with the help of friends and family if she so chooses.  I can advise you on how to create a simple but dramatic look that will not only satisfy your taste, but will hopefully leave a little extra money in your bank account for the honeymoon!

Now I know this blog will not be popular with many in the industry…especially florists.  But before you write to me, I want to say one thing.  In the title of this blog I wrote:  The DIY Bride: Should You?  Should you? Uh, NO, I really do not encourage it.  Can you?  Of course, but you must be a bride that is extremely organized, have a lot of free time on your hands, and have the willingness to be frustrated at times without becoming a bridezilla!  Why?  Because I am going to say this with all honesty.  Florists earn, and I mean EARN every penny they charge for creating the designs for your wedding.  In fact, weddings are so labor intensive, that in reality, florists often barely break even.  Remember, you are paying them for their talent.  What might look easy to do, is really not…so do keep that in mind before you even contemplate doing your own flowers!

But for those of you that want to try to tackle the job, you are welcome to contact me and set up an appointment.  Remember that I’m in Murphys, Ca.  I will consider traveling within a reasonable distance.

Today I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day and congratulations if some of you were either married or engaged on this special romantic day!!

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