Vow Renewal Couples, Let’s Hear from You!!!

If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that I dedicate most of my blogs to the first time bride. Well today I thought I would write about a wedding topic that doesn’t get as much press…………..the vow renewal!!!

I do not mind sharing the fact that I divorced my first husband after 17 years of a marriage.  While this was a union that probably should have never happened, we did however produce two wonderful children that are now wonderful adults! But alas, this story of a “marriage gone wrong,” does have a happy ending!  Today, I have been married 12.5 years to the most caring, loving, kind, giving, most selfless man on the planet, and in 2014 for our 15th anniversary, we plan to “tie the knot all over again!”

In my humble opinion, I think the wedding industry overlooks the couples that have “beat the odds,” so to speak, and are ready to proclaim their love for one another, all over again!  Of course it isn’t hard to figure out why that is…………………..$$$!!!  Sadly, there isn’t as much money to be made in catering to the needs of these weddings, and as a result, we do not get to see the wonderful pictures of couples renewing their vows in rustic or exotic settings.  Well I say……………….hey come one!!!  Give us our due!  We are happily married couples, that are nothing but the BEST examples to the newly engaged, who are seeking the many ways in which to make their weddings an affair to remember!

Ok, so some of us seeking to get married……to our same spouse…..over again….. are not always “first timers.”  I say that’s perfectly ok!!!  People divorce for a multitude of reasons, and frankly, like my first time around, some should have never happened in the first place!  BUT, when you have found that special love, a love that endures all things good, bad, and everything in between, you should be celebrated in any way you choose!

There is NO etiquette that dictates the vow renewal ceremony.  Brides, I do not care if you’ve been married 10 years, or 60 years, if want to wear a white full on wedding gown to walk down that aisle again…………….then GO FOR IT!  Don’t forget, many couples at the time of their initial marriages, may not have had the money for a big affair.  Many didn’t have the money for a wedding at all!  SO………bridal industry, I’m talking to you!  It is time for those of us planning to renew our wedding promises to one another, to have a place  to find subjects, products, places, and publications, dedicated to us!  Do not overlook the fact that many couples seeking to plan a vow renewal ceremony are likely to be in a better financial situation than many first time couples!

So here’s my request for those of you reading this post, and are contemplating a vow renewal ceremony.  I want to hear from YOU!  Whether you have already “tied the knot again,”….to the same man or woman please……..or you are thinking of planning your first vow renewal ceremony…………I want to know the where, how, why, and the when’s of you day! And by all means, send me pictures of your event!  You can email those to http://www.raedavis1099@gmail.com, and I will feature them in my upcoming blogs on the subject!   In the meantime, readers, I will keep you informed on my own plans to renew our wedding promises all over again!!! Good luck everyone!

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