The Pinterest Phenomenon

If you are a bride that has not discovered Pinterest, you really, really, need to!

Wow who would have thought that what is basically an online scrapbook of ideas, would take off so quickly!  What a fabulous way to share ideas, and to gather inspiration for all sorts of things from home decor, personal fashion, favorite places, and of course wedding designs from the dresses to the flowers!  If you’re looking for it, chances are you are going to find it on Pinterest.

I really never considered blogging about another website.  But when I discovered that Pinterest is now the place that everyone is talking about and visiting, well I figured that I’d pass on the fun!  Now you have to be invited to, or “apply” if you will, to be an active part of Pinterest.  If you are on Facebook, and who isn’t these days, chances are you have many friends that have already discovered this valuable online tool.  If they haven’t invited you…then by all means…ask them to!

This won’t be a long-winded blog….but brides, consider checking out the ideas on Pinterest. Print some of your favorite ideas out before you consult with your florist, shop for a dress, meet with your planner/coordinator…..or guide he or she to the site and point out your favorite ideas.  I think you just might save yourself a lot of legwork looking for design inspiration!

For more information check out  Let me know what you think!

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