What is Your Style?

I talked a bit about wedding style earlier last year, and the relationship between the dresses, and the overall “theme” of the wedding.  I advised bride’s to be careful when choosing the bridesmaids dresses, in that she doesn’t create a Sex and The City meets Gone With the Wind nightmare look!  However, I didn’t really discuss how to create a decor style from the ground up…………………POST dress purchase.  What does that mean exactly?  Ok let’s see if I can explain it.

We all know that aside from the actual attire that both sides of the aisle adorn, there is an overall “look” to your wedding that should reflect your personal style, taste, and even hobbies!  It sounds easy right?  Well you would be surprised at how many brides have or had absolutely no idea what I meant when I asked, “do you have an individual style you would like to create for your wedding?”  This question was often answered with blank stares, “deer in headlights” looks, or sometimes even great anxiety!  Fear not!  A good designer should be able to build on the slightest hints from you………….so what do you do if you think you have nothing……stay calm!

A good designer and/or florist should first sit down with you either alone, or with your groom if possible.  Although many brides bring their mother’s with them because let’s face it, mom is often paying the bill.  My advice to you…if you can….is to initially meet with your designer without mom if that’s possible.  The initial consultation is usually not the place where money is discussed.  Well that’s at least true with me.  I understand that most florists/designer’s charge a hefty consultation fee, and while that is ok, I prefer to get an idea of what my bride and groom’s taste’s are, and how I might be able to help them achieve any look on any budget!  Why I ask that you come sans your mother if possible, is so that your ideas are your own…not your mother’s.  Trust me, by meeting with your florist/designer alone the first time, you can save yourself a battle of wills, which in turn keeps you focused and calm.  Bring mom the next time…………….

Anyway, as I was saying….a good florist/designer should be able to build a look for you by really listening to your “likes.”  What might those “likes” be?  Well,  think about a favorite place that the both of you visit often, or maybe you share a hobby like hiking, camping, fishing, classic cars, wine, food,movies, sports, etc!  Your style might even be derived out of a favorite color, or maybe even a beloved flower! Inspiration has even been created out of a favorite type of music….you just never know!  Let your imagination be your guide, and do not be afraid to step outside the box!  Be sure however to ccommunicate your ideas to your designer………even if you can’t see the big picture yet!  Remember the “big picture” grows out of the tiniest bits and pieces of inspiration!!

I’d like to hear from YOU.  Brides, if you are struggling to find your style, let me know what inspires you, and maybe I can give you a few ideas that just might help you get a good head start!  

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2 Responses to What is Your Style?

  1. As a new bride-to-be, I’ve been throwing a lot of ideas around in my head rather flippantly. But then I started building an online scrapbook of sorts via Pinterest. The picture of what I want my wedding to be is becoming clear to me, and it’s in a communicative form. Perhaps it could be a tool for your brides to use as before you bring their wedding to life for them.

    Good tip about not inviting mom by the way 🙂

    • Thank you so much and congratulations! I am using Pinterest and I have been posting
      things that I hope will help brides in their search for their style. Pinterest is
      a great tool for this for sure!!!! Thanks so much!!! 🙂

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