Ceremony Decor……….How Much do You Really Need?

I chat often about where I believe brides should concentrate the larger part of their budgets.  After the dress/dresses and tux’s are chosen,  the venue is rented, the food and drink decided upon, the music selected, there is sometimes not a lot leftover for the florist and/or designer to work with!  The problem is, the bride often has her heart set on the “look” she found in a bridal publication waaaaaaay before the reality of divvying the budget really began.  So now what?  You’ve found your dream wedding in a magazine, only to find out that reality can really………..well for a lack of a better term…………….SUCK!  Ok, don’t panic………..let’s talk about the ceremony location vs the reception area and see what we can do……..

It is always helpful to any designer to be able to see and be familiar with the wedding venue of the bride’s choice.  However, as we know, that isn’t always possible.  Some brides take their favorite designer’s with them to destinations out of their respective home towns. Some familiar venues offer a wide variety of ceremony “spots” and not all designers/florists are familiar with every particular area.  So…………….brides…………..when choosing your ceremony location, you might want to grab your camera and take as many photos of the area that you can…from a few different angles.  Sometimes when you look through the lens of a camera, you actually see things a little differently.  A photo can sometimes reveal more than just your one to one perspective.

Those of you who follow my blogs, know that I am a huge fan of using as much as Mother Nature has to offer when it comes to decorating your venue.  Now as a true, blue, florist first, I am still a big advocate of adding floral design to any backdrop, but as a realist, I am also very aware that in 2012, budgets are not as free-flowing as they once were.  Brides, if your budget doesn’t have the words….”the sky’s the limit” attached to it….then really consider what is already provided for you in nature, and even what man has already created for a background! Remember, interesting architectural backgrounds can lend a unique backdrop for your ceremony too!

When considering where and how to spend your decorating budget, remember this:  In most instances, the actual ceremony part of your day is the shortest.  If you are getting married along side a beautiful river or lake…then maybe a simple arch may be all you need to act as a frame for you and your groom.  Keep the decorations at a minimum as to not block the natural beauty behind you.  Focus instead of the comfort of your guests……..if it’s July and very hot, then make sure you’ve provided a canopy for your guests to get a bit of shade, and maybe some inexpensive hand fans for each person to cool themselves with.   Providing a container of small bottle waters as guests make their way to the seating area is a thoughtful gesture that your guests will thank you for all day long!  Potted live blooming plants make a beautiful and inexpensive way to add a little color either down the aisle in hanging containers using shepard’s hooks, or in rustic containers at the base of an arch at varying heights to add interest and depth.  The best part about the live plants is, you can take them home, plant them, and have a constant reminder of your incredible day, year after year!

You might even want to invest in a unique isle runner that you’ve had your initials added to, or some pattern that ties in the whole look of the wedding!  There are companies now that make runners to order, and so far what I’ve seen…the possiblities are endless!  Whatever you choose, remember that if you are really concerned about your decorating budget, consider saving it for your bouquets and your reception tables.  When at all possible, use what Mother Nature has already provided, then maybe add a touch of color here and there if needed.  But………………..if the sky is truly the limit…………..then go as elaborate as you’d like for your ceremony!  I won’t tell you NO! 😉

Happy Weddings to all of you 2012 brides!

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