Time to Plan Your Fall Wedding

If you live in California like I do, you’re thinking to yourself…fall?  We haven’t even had winter yet!  In reality we are just 8 months from the beginning of the Fall season, and in the world of wedding planning….that’s pretty much tomorrow!  As a coordinator and designer, I’m looking to purchase some decor items I can use in my Fall weddings while they are on sale.  And brides…………….now is a great time to start looking for those fabulous accessories to adorn your Fall or Winter wedding for 2012 before the prices go up at the end of Spring!

This is not the first time I’ve written about Fall weddings.  I think I come back to it, because it holds fond memories of my own Fall wedding in October of 1999.  Years ago when I owned my floral shop, Fall was just starting to become a very desired time of the year to hold weddings.  Traditionally summer still reigns supreme, at least in our region, because of the comfortable evenings and mostly dry weather!  If you plan to get married in the foothills or the Sierra’s of Ca., in the summer, you can pretty much count on the rain not spoiling your day!  However as the seasons have shifted a bit, Fall has proven to provide even better weather….and long into the year too!

So what should you be looking for?  Well if you are a DIY bride, I suggest if you plan on going with a traditional Fall color and feel to your wedding, that you look to the internet to find companies with leftover Fall and Halloween decor.  Winter brides for 2012….start scanning the Christmas closeout sales for lights, greenery, and accessories to add to your decor!  Don’t forget that items that are considered “holiday” are often fabulous pieces that you can use in your wedding!  Pumpkins, fall leaves, garlands, orange lights, cornucopia, gourds, etc, are absolutely a welcomed part of designing a Fall themed wedding. Bringing in Mother Nature is always a theme of mine, and Fall is the perfect time to bring in the textures and colors of what she has to offer.  Don’t forget to bring in some different mosses that come in an array of different shapes, colors and textures.  Moss covered oak branches that I am so lucky to have access too, really add a pop of color and drama to any look!

And girls………the best part?  You’ll save big $$$$ by bringing in naturals and items on sale in every area that  needs dressing up!!!  As an experienced florist, I can honestly say that a large part of the budget…especially the reception, will go toward your decor……i.e. flowers. But you can still have a beautiful, stunning, fabulous wedding by incorporating other materials into your arrangements that only serve to enhance any flower choice!!!  And don’t you want your guests to go home talking about how they loved the fact that you took the time to “think outside the box” when it came to your wedding?  Don’t be afraid to take tradition into a whole new area!!!!!!!!  Most of all HAVE FUN!!!!!  Oh and don’t forget to bring in some fun and exciting fabrics and linens to add another element of WOW!!!

Happy Shopping!

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