Communication: The Key to a Successful and Stress Free Wedding!

Spring is right around the corner which means the wedding season is about to begin in earnest.  If you live in California, you’re probably thinking Spring has already arrived!  We can only hope for this kind of weather for the upcoming batch of Spring weddings right? So should you be getting married in the near future, you are, or should be, about to finalize all the important details.  Required deposits should be paid, flowers chosen or at least considered, officient hired, venue nailed down, food and cake decided on…etc.  And if you have decided to add a wedding planner or “day of” coordinator to your list of chosen vendors, then by all means……………….listen carefully!! It is said that good and open lines of communication is the key to achieving a successful outcome to nearly every task we do in our daily lives.  That being said, then why is it that the most common complaints from brides, grooms, and vendors alike is that “all would have been fine if they had just communicated better with me!”

So……….how do avoid mishaps, misunderstandings, voids, heartache, and worry?  Well here’s a bit of advice from the former owner of a floral shop.  In all my years as a shop owner I discovered that the most relaxed brides were the ones who checked in with me at least every other month, then every month leading up to the big day. Some of you might think that you are irritating your vendor by checking in with them on a regular basis.  Well as far as I’m concerned, unless your tone or actions are aggressive, there really shouldn’t be any reason for your vendor and/or venue manager to be upset!!  Of course being a bridezilla is not an effective way to communicate and honestly by projecting that image, you are more like to experience disappointment.  As a vendor, I like hearing from my brides on a regular basis, and I believe in open and frequent communication with them from my end as well.  When I’m hired as a designer and/or coordinator, I believe that it is my job to ease the worries of the bride and groom, and to hopefully guide them through the  maze of details and requirements to ensure they have a wedding to remember!  And of course we all want a great memory!    Does this make me sound like a pushover?  Well…I guess that could happen, but as a professional, I do not allow to be taken advantage of either….and frankly neither should the bride and groom!

Good communication in creating the wedding of your dreams is much like the positive communication skills you use in creating and maintaining any good relationship including marriage!  The old saying…”you can attract more bees with honey,” is something that I strive to achieve in all of my transactions.  Do not let large gaps of time build into the possibility of a  break down in your vision.  If you approach your vendors with tact, and fairness, they in turn will do even more to ensure you get what you desire and paid for! And by all means…if you have a change in plans…DO NOT wait until the last-minute to inform the vendor.  Nothing is worse than having to tell a bride that “sorry it’s just too late to change that for you!”  Don’t forget….as florists, bakers, caterers, we are working with products that often have to be ordered ahead so that we can get the best prices, and the freshest products for you!  Be respectful of the cut off dates for changes, and I guarantee you will have a much better chance that little or nothing will go wrong on your wedding day!  Communication, communication, communication = happiness and success!


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