Invite Mother Nature to your Spring and Summer Weddings

Although we are smack dab in the middle of Fall, the wedding industry already has us looking at the latest and greatest looks for Spring and Summer weddings.  I myself have weddings booked into next Fall already………….no time to waste!

Unfortunately it appears that our sagging economy will linger on well into 2012.  For some of you, this means an overall tighter wedding budget…….a subject I have addressed a few times this year.  BUT keep the faith!  Saving money may literally be “in your own backyard!”

Those of us in the wedding industry understand the importance of a realistic budget.  Now why did I just italicize realistic?  In this economy….that is truly going to be the key to a successful wedding………..and saving you heartache in the long run!

So we know that a large part of a wedding budget is directed to the reception.  The cost of food and drink eats up an enormous amount….often leaving little for flowers and decor.  So who ya gonna call when you have visions of a grand event, only to find your budget is nothing more than a fantasy?  MOTHER NATURE!!!!

Depending on the month…Springtime offers an array of blooming branches, bright green leaves, interesting grasses and various types of fabulous moss that when coupled with beautiful river pebbles, makes a dynamite center piece! Pine cones of course can be used any time of the year…adding rich color and texture.  If you are lucky enough to have access to Manzanita, birch, bitter root, grapevine, curly willow,  and other colorful and interesting branches….by all means….USE THEM!  Branches are invaluable when it comes to decorating.  They can take up a large space or be used to add drama and height to a large room or outdoor space. Branches are great for holding votives, flowers, and tea lights  on your table top, and used correctly, they will not block your guests from visiting with each other across the table……pssst…a pet peeve of mine..but more on that later.

Your wedding designer/florist should be able to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams by incorporating the elements of Mother Nature……and if you are a DIY bride…consult the wide variety of wedding magazines and home decor publications for ideas.  I guarantee by inviting Mother Nature as your guest of honor…you WILL achieve a real fantasy wedding! Happy hunting! 🙂

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