Teal…………Should you?

Spring is just around the corner…yes I know…we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet, but in the wedding world….spring is just around the corner.

As a long time florist, I’ve seen just about every color combination for weddings you can imagine.  A few combinations…well let’s just say they were not my favorites, and leave it at that…to each his own and all that. However, there is one color, albeit it’s been very popular over the last several years, that can still send a shiver up my spine, and that color is TEAL.

Now I know that some of you reading this are saying to yourselves that hey…..you’re picking on my favorite color……but hear me out for just a second.  Those of you contemplating using teal in your upcoming wedding might want to take notes.

Teal in itself is a beautiful color.  In fact it is one of my very favorite colors to wear.  Teal against nearly all skin tones, is very flattering.  Accessorize it with fabulous silver jewelry, and you are set to go!  But that is where my love affair with teal pretty much ends, and here is why………….

Teal is a very dominate color.  It isn’t blue, it isn’t green, but a mix of blue with a dash of green and sometimes a slight hint of yellow.  Teal whether it be a dark or light shade, still sends the message that you want to be noticed!  Good for teal…I like you for that reason, and I hate you for that reason.  When someone comes to me with the teal or not to teal question…I first ask where and how much are we using the teal?  Will it be worn by the bridesmaids?  Will it be the color of the cake?  Might it be….and I’m sorry….the color…gag…of the flowers?  WHERE and HOW will teal play out in your wedding?  Think of teal as too much sugar in your coffee……..too much and your puckering up your mouth in the most unflattering way.  Teal gone bad can make you feel the same way.  How do you know?

If you are thinking of having teal as one of your colors in the wedding design, do yourself a favor first.  Get a healthy swatch of teal from your local fabric store, and put it with the additional colors you’ve chosen, and lay them out on a neutral background like cream…or the white of a table cloth or wedding gown.  Now step back and look at the photo.  What color jumps out at you first?  I guarantee the absolute first color to jump out at you will be the teal.  It can’t help it!  The color is a natural extrovert!

And girls this holds true for any dominate color….reds, yellows, dark blues, dark purples and yes even white.  All of these colors are beautiful in weddings, but be sure to pick complimenting colors and save yourself some time, money, and stress, by laying some fabric swatches of the same colors out in front of you and take a picture of them.  See if one of those colors seems to dominate all the rest.  Now think about that when choosing your flowers.  While colors like Teal are beautiful in their own right….there is NOT a flower in nature that is that color!!! Please, please, please, I beg of you ….do not have them artifically altered with a spray can! Instead think about using the dominate colors as accents and accessories. Or for example if your bridesmaids are wearing say teal…compliment the color with a brown sash then soften the whole thing up with your bouquet choices.  The balance will be pleasing to the eye….and you will enjoy your pictures for many years to come!

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2 Responses to Teal…………Should you?

  1. I greatly appreciate all the info I’ve read here. I will spread the word about your blog to other people. Cheers.

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