Halloween Weddings…..Oh How I Want Thee

Within my circle of friends and family, it is no secret that I adore Halloween.  And you know I’m not really sure why!  There is something comforting about the whole thing.  From the first moment the Halloween candy hits the store…which should be soon…..eek…I’m a happy camper!  Halloween time signals the kickoff to the holiday season, but more than that, it opens the door to a world of creativity.  It’s a time to let loose, have fun, be a kid again, and oh…….DECORATE!

If you are a fan of the now past television program of The Gilmore Girls, you will no doubt have noticed how many of those episodes take place during the “set decorated” fall season. I will bet that if you kept track of the set decor, you will see that most of the scenes have a fall theme. Why is that?  Well in my opinion, the fall more than any other season, evokes a sense of warmth and well-being.  The colors are rich and vibrant, and homes are filled with scents of goodies baking…even if it’s just a candle!  And just before the warmth of early fall begins to succumb to the crisp cold air of late, Halloween takes center stage.

Halloween weddings.  Oh how I admire the bold and unconventional!  But sadly, I have never had the opportunity to design and coordinate a Halloween wedding….but oh I want to!!  And when I do….and I say when, because I know it is going to happen sometime soon….I have a few tips to share…..

Because Halloween is pretty much  an “everything goes” day of the year, it still doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style and even elegance…unless you want to of course!  Although I have not been shy to say how much I do not like the over use of black ribbon in wedding decor, Halloween is the time to LET IT SHINE!  But before you go all “macabre” on me, let’s discuss the 2 faces of Halloween…………

When planning a Halloween wedding, decide on what face of Halloween you want to expose.  Do you want to go with the Halloween that incorporates the rich colors and feel like I described above?  Or is the sinister sister dying to come out?  I think it is best to pick either, but mixing the two Halloween themes for a wedding, might create that cheap haunted house look.

If you decide on the more tame Halloween look, then by all means be sure to include the colors and warmth of fall.  You can certainly bring in some black accents in your bouquet and table pieces.  Don’t be afraid to use pumpkins, Indian corn, corn stalks, hay bales and even iconic Halloween in a desert buffet. Satin black runners down a white table-cloth with an accent of oranges, yellows, rusts, reds, and even gold will certainly bring in the colors and warmth of the season.  For an evening reception….by all means….scatter about a few jack o’lanterns to add a touch of Halloween whimsy and fun!  The sky’s the limit!

Now for you “dark side” lovers….it’s time to push the envelope a bit!  It is NOT time however to bring out the tacky…..PLEASE!  I have seen too many Halloween inspired weddings take a wrong turn to “tacky town.”  Just because you want your wedding to be part Rocky Horror Picture Show and part Father of the Bride,…. ok maybe the Bride of Frankenstein, doesn’t mean you HAVE to look like a cheap haunted house!  Those of you saying, “but that’s the look I’m going for,”…..by all means….cheapen away!  But in my opinion to get the “dark” without the “cheap” is really rather easy to do!  Think dark reds and blacks, and even traditional black and white!

Black Magic roses are a fabulous choice…and even appropriately named…for such a theme.  They are deep, deep, red…bordering on black at times.  Accented with black accessories and ribbon makes them appear macabre and almost “blood like.”  Pull these deep reds and blacks throughout the entire wedding ceremony and reception…but think “dark elegance.”

White flowers….once only used for funerals…..can also be the perfect choice.  Iconic 19th century funeral flowers such as calla lilies, white lilies, and white roses mixed with black and even the blood reds of the Black Magic roses are a perfect choice!!!  Please, please, please, do not use BLACK flowers in your bouquets.  Honestly very few, if any dead flowers, turn black on their own!  Be more creative!!!

Which ever Halloween you choose for your wedding….have fun, fun, fun.  Warm and colorful, or dark and sinister….a Halloween inspired wedding, done right, will linger fondly in the minds of you and your guests for years to come.  Let me be the first to say for 2011…HAPPY HALLOWEEN AND CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL YOU BRIDES AND GHOULS!  🙂

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