Wedding Venues: The Great Porta-Potty Debate

Ok, I know, this is an odd thing to write about.  But, if you live in an area where septic tanks are still a very common mode of waste containment, then you know from which I speak!

In the Sierra Foothills of which I live, are some of the most incredible and affordable wedding and event venues.  Some are public establishments, but many are owned and operated as private and semi private properties.  And if you are familiar with the area, you know that we are blesses with some fabulous historical venues….some of which are still operating with “historical” waste systems.  And other more modern venues in more remote settings, are using the same type, albeit more modern, septic systems.  So uh oh…what are we getting at here?  Really?

Porta potties are a fact of life for venues that cannot take the overload of use on their septic systems.  While often maligned for being smelly, small, hot, cold, BLUE, and just plain unsightly, today’s pp as we’ll call them, can actually be quite luxurious!  I know, I know, how can a porta potty possibly be luxurious? Well…you’d be surprised!

Portable facilities come in a wide range of styles, amenities, sizes, and costs.  If you’ve ever been to a large outdoor event like the AT&T golf tournament in Pebble Beach, CA., then you’ve no doubt used a portable toilet.  These modern-day versions come on trailers, fully equipped with sinks, mirrors, and often several toilets on one trailer!  And yes…they are air-conditioned and heated if need be!!  Now of course these are the upper end of the porta-john spectrum, but smaller versions can be rented for weddings and smaller outdoor events.  Even the blue boxes that we know and……uh…love, are coming equipped with indoor private sinks and a larger area in which to move around.  Hey….it’s a portable toilet…don’t expect marble floors and counter tops! 😉

So what am I trying to get across to you all?  Why would I even mention porta-potties on my blog?  Well…..porta potties in the Sierra’s and foothill regions can often be a reality.  Understand that the most fabulous of venue’s may insist that you rent these little babies for your guests.  Hey…come on….really, it is NO big issue.  Will you hear a few grumbles when your girlfriends have to use an outdoor facility dressed to the nine’s?  Well maybe, but honestly I have yet to experience the complete and total destruction of a wedding or any other outdoor event because someone was forced to pee in a box.  Come on people….trust me, there is no porta potty monster ready to rise to the surface just to get a look at your behind, and ruin your formal attire.  It’s going to be ok!  Honest!!

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