A Little Wedding Etiquette Moment

I happened to watch an episode of 4 Weddings the other day, and I was appalled to see the father of the groom, chewing gum like a goat, all the way down the isle…mouth open….and even while the minister asked, “who gives this bride away?”  Are you kidding me?  I understand that the father of the bride wants fresh breath throughout his big moment, but come on….suck on a mint, have a little breath spray in your pocket, something…..something other than chewing gum like regurgitated food!

So while we are on the subject, let’s take a moment to discuss guest comfort.  That very same wedding, while it was an absolutely beautiful outdoor country wedding….the guests were seated on long flat benches with NO BACKS!  I’m sorry, I do not care how casual your wedding is going to be…..PLEASE…..be considerate to your guests needs, and provide seating with backs.  That goes for those of you that use hay bales in country weddings too.  Make sure you have something for your guests to rest against.  Those of us with bad backs will thank you forever.  And no one in formal attire wants to sit slumped on a bench.  Bad wedding etiquette girls!!  Oh and those hay bales?  Please, please, pleeeeeease, cover them with material that does not allow the hay to poke through and scratch your guests.  If you are going with the burlap look…..get the tighter woven burlap material found in discount stores and fabric stores everywhere!  It isn’t scratchy, and it still allows for the rustic country look!!!

Props.  Oh my, can props at the reception get carried away.  I’m still picking apart this same episode.  One of the girls decided that throughout her reception, the guests at the prompting by the DJ, would wear things like tacky lei’s, hold various noise makers, wear things on their head….etc….well you get the picture.  While it engages everyone in the reception…..too much….is too much!  The reception looked more like a kid’s birthday party.  All that was missing was the pinata!   Girls….hire a killer DJ that plays a wide variety of music that pleases everyone…forget the props…save them for New Year’s Eve!

This concludes your two-minute wedding etiquette moment.  Have a glorious day!

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