The Fall Wedding

If you’re like me, and live in Northern California, then you know we had the winter that wouldn’t die!  Here it is the middle of June, and we are just now experiencing some nice warm weather!  So many brides who planned their weddings outside this Spring, were left scrambling to find a last-minute indoor venue……remember ALWAYS have a back-up plan!

For now….while it lasts….we enjoy summer.  BUT….those who know me….my favorite season is just a few short months away.  FALL.  I got married in October in 1999.  Oh what a glorious day for an outdoor wedding.  The weather was absolutely PERFECT…as a good portion of the fall months are for an outdoor affair, and oh can you decorate!!

Fall weddings are a perfect opportunity to incorporate Mother Nature’s spectacular color!  I personally took advantage of the end of the corn season to create a dried cornstalk background for the ceremony.  At the bottom of the stairs were two very large sunflower urn arrangements that added a pop of bright yellow and orange.  Our arch of course was decorated in all the fall colors, leaves, wheat, Indian corn, turkey feathers and pomegranates.  It was just spectacular.  On our tables, we used little square apple crate looking containers where we added green apples and stalks of wheat rising out of the center.  My bouquet?  Oh my…it was a modified cascade…that’s where the weight of the bouquet hung down further on one side than the other…..and had orange, yellow, and black magic roses, along with the same turkey feathers, pomegranates, fall leaves and wheat that were incorporated into the arch.  It was…I have to brag…a stunning wedding.  For the food table….and take note…we had a huge cornucopia on one end of the table that spilled out mini pumpkins, apples, leaves, more wheat, and other fruits and veggies of the season.  It was stunning!!!

September, Oct, and early November brides…..take advantage of the colors of the season!  Now more than ever, bring the natural outdoor elements in, to be a part of your very special day.  Budget conscience brides…and who isn’t these days…..fall can be a money-saving time of the year to get married too!  So many elements of fall can be obtained easily without breaking the bank.  Gorgeous and often over look colorful daisys and mums are the perfect accent of color for your ceremony and reception!  Don’t pass them by! They are hardy and inexpensive!!!  Sunflowers are usually plentiful early in the season, and of course fall leaves, wheat, Indian corn, gourds, pumpkins and other fruits are available and plentiful!!!

In honor of my favorite season, I am going to hold a contest.  Fall brides within a reasonable driving distance from Murphys, Ca, have an opportunity to win a fall bridal bouquet in either fresh or high-end silk flowers by commenting on this post, and leaving me your contact information.  The bouquet’s value is to not exceed $150.00.  I’d like to hear about your plans for a fall wedding either this year or next.  I look forward to hearing about your ideas, and hopefully helping you to achieve your dream fall wedding!!

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