The Ceremony Back Up Plan

Whether you believe in global warming, cooling, change, or just you think things have just gotten plain weird…..the weather is certainly going through some sort of change…..and brides you need to be prepared!

Just this last weekend, here in Northern California, many couples have had to either scrap their plans for an outdoor wedding, move inside, or have a tent on hand when there was no alternative.  For years and years, this part of the country could be counted on to offer a warm sunny spring day in which to hold most any type of event outside.  However, in the last few years, there has been a shift from the typically pleasant spring weather, to winter’s last stand!  My suggestion is…don’t be caught unprepared!!

Once Spring begins, brides are determined to get married outside.  Who can blame them?  The flowers are blooming, trees are either full of blossoms, or glistening new leaves.  The bugs are still at bay for the most part, and Mother Nature’s backdrop can certainly save the bride $$$ when it comes to ceremony decor!  BUT!  Mother Nature these days seems to have her own ideas…….so what should you do?

In my own opinion, I think unless you plan an outdoor wedding from about MID June to EARLY Oct, when the weather is usually the most stable throughout much of the country, please have a back up plan!!  Maybe you know of a hall in your town or area that might accommodate you and your guests at the last-minute?  In large cities, there may be a lovely hotel that has a ballroom, or large meeting area to host an event.  What about your favorite local restaurant?  I have found that restaurants are often able and willing to help you in your last-minute dash to find a spot.  And of course…there is the tent.  Tents come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and host a varying array of amenities to keep you and your guests comfortable in the coldest and hottest days.  Keep in mind however, that no tent can withstand torrential rains, heavy shows, and hard gusting winds!

So how do you go about securing a back up site?  First of all, contact a wedding planner in your area to help you find what might work for you.  A planner has probably worked with many venues that have served as last-minute saviors, or at least knows the area well enough to know what the requirements might be.  If you are not working with a planner….and believe me, you should be…….check into your party rental places on the timeline to rent and set up a tent if you see that the weather may not cooperate.  Check out the area……look for other possibilities…remember the right decor can make the blandest place look spectacular!  Don’t forget to ask the owner of your favorite restaurant or club!

While it maybe disappointing to move indoors after you’ve planned your dream outdoor wedding, with careful planning, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress and agony, and remember, sometimes the best laid plans…well ….you know……….and in reality..sometimes those glitches turn out to actually be THE BEST!

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