Carnations Make a Come Back

Whether its economical concerns, or just the cyclical nature of fashion, the much maligned Carnation is experiencing a resurgence of popularity.

When I co-owned Duffys Florist in Murphys, Ca., I was consistently reminded by customers that their bouquets and arrangements were to be void of any carnations of any size or color! The only holiday arrangement it seemed, that the lowly Carnation was able to shine, was Christmas! And God forbid should they show up in someone’s wedding!!! EEK! Why?  Well it appears that somehow over the years, Carnations gained the reputation of being the “cheap” flower.  Could it be that the reputation bestowed upon them was the result of florists and DIY’ers spraying them unnatural and hideous colors not found in nature? And is it the Carnation’s fault that they are prolific growers, and are widely available all year-long?  I say NO!  Well guess what? THEY’RE BACK AND THEY’RE BIG!!!

Not only are Carnations back….they are often featured on DIY wedding episodes, bridal magazines, television shows, and even Martha Stewart!  Well why not?  Carnations although once looked upon as the “step-child” of flowers, are the titans of flowers!  Girls…..they hold up beautifully on a hot day or a cold day, they can last for over a week, and they come in a wide variety of colors!  Don’t forget, the Mini Carn too!  Mini Carns are a wonderful filler flower, and they add a touch of delicacy to any bouquet or arrangement.  BUT………………..the greatest thing about Carnations is……………..THEY ARE AFFORDABLE!!!!  And please…don’t confuse affordable with cheap…it’s not fair to the flower!

Many of you have probably seen the beautiful Carnation ball that can either be carried by your attendants as a bouquet, or made larger to hang from a ceiling or tree for your reception decor, and designed in a tight mass in a wide variety of containers for your table pieces.  White Carnations when designed in a tight mass, can give you the volume, elegance, and look of a more expensive design featuring roses for a fraction of the cost!!

Brides, when considering flowers for your wedding…especially in the heat of summer….please consider the carnation.  Ask your planner/florist…..(me)…..about the wide variety of arrangements and bouquet options that might feature the beautiful and affordable lovely Carnation!!  Carry them proudly girls!! Oh and please…keep them “as they are.”  Carnations do NOT come in teal!!!

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