“Bridezilla” or Just Overwhelmed?

Television networks are making millions off of the so-called “Bridezilla” phenomenon.  But is it really a fair depiction of the average American bride, or is it just good old fashion marketing? I say……RIDICULOUS!

For 11 years I co-owned a florist shop in Murphys, Ca.  During that time, we counseled every type of bride you can imagine.  We saw the frantic bride, the calm bride, the confident bride, the “I don’t give a @#*” bride, the party bride, the sweet bride, and more often than not….the overwhelmed bride!   What we rarely came across was the ever popular “Bridezilla.”  So what’s really going on here?

The key to unlocking the “Bridezilla” reputation is found in the one type of bride I failed to mention…..the organized bride.  Who doesn’t feel like pitching a fit when the deadline is coming fast, and you find yourself at your wit’s end because there is so much to do and so little time to do it?  On top of that, you are bombarded with wedding advice from well-meaning relatives, and the very lucrative wedding industry that tries its hardest to convince you that you really need that $10,000 wedding dress, and 8 wedding attendants dressed to perfection!  Come on!  Who do you believe?  Where do you start, and for goodness sake who do you trust?

In 2010 the wedding industry….especially vendors like florists, caterers, certain venue sites, and wedding planners, took a big hit.  The economy forced brides and their families to wade the scary uncharted waters of planning a wedding on their own.  The mindset was, and to a certain extent still is, that in order to save a significant amount of money, one must do all the work themselves.  Really? Well unless you are lucky enough to have a family member in each of these professions, I suggest you begin with a planner!

A good wedding planner can often save a bride far more money….and more importantly…her sanity…through every little detail of the event.  Don’t forget, a professional planner that is an unbiased participant…unlike a relative or personal friend,(is often skilled in negotiating with other professionals), the best price and service in and outside your venue area!  In addition, if you hire a planner that is also a professional in another service…such as floral designing, (Silver Leaf Events), they understand the intensity and skill that it takes to create a seamless and stress-free event!  Honestly, I had the bride’s family at my shop’s door, first thing in the morning, more than once because they realized they were over their heads when it came to flower designing, and I’m sure many caterers, DJ’s, planners, and florists have similar stories.  Brides it’s not worth the stress to save a few $$$!!  And in many cases, DIY weddings end up costing more because of missteps, tantrums, and a lack of skill and organization!

So  for all you so-called “Bridezilla’s” out there….keep entertaining us on TV…but for the rest of you beautiful brides just wanting to share your special day with friends and family….start with a wedding planner…even if you hire him or her for a few hours of advice, from start to finish, or for just the “day of” coordination, you’ll be more confident, calm, happy, and more than likely, a few dollars richer in the process!! Be gone Bridezilla!

Remember I am happy to offer a full 2 hour free consultation by appointment!  See my contact page!  Happy Weddings!

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