Time to Plan Your Winter Wedding

Although we are just moving into the much-anticipated season of Spring, it is time to plan your winter wedding!

Brides now is the time to secure your venue.  If you are getting married in a region where businesses rely on the revenue from winter recreation, you will most definitely want to book now.  Nothing is worse than having your heart set on a particular venue, just to be told that everything is booked.  Do not procrastinate!

December can a difficult month to plan a wedding, but it isn’t impossible!  I was always disappointed when my December brides chose to ignore the beauty and value of the decor of the Christmas season, just to choose a Spring theme!  Frankly, if you want the look and feel of Spring, plan your wedding for late Winter or…….Spring!!!

Holiday decor can be just the spark that a dark Winter day needs!  Brides used to tell me that they worried that the colors of Christmas would make their wedding look “cheesy.”  Trust me when I say it doesn’t have to!!!  Reds and greens are not the only colors of Christmas.  Instead focus on the sparkle and light of metallic. Silvers, golds, and coppers can be incorporated into bouquets, decorations, and greenery.  The trick to avoid the tacky?  LESS IS MORE!!!  Poinsettias come in a wide variety of colors now, and white is with just a touch of sparkle, can liven up any venue!  Icy blues, purples, whites, combined with silver provide the look of a Winter Wonderland, and is one of my all time favorite arrangement combinations!  And if you choose to embrace your inner Santa…..by all means go for the multi colors of the season, and bring in pine, cedar, reds, greens, and trees!!!!  Decorated Christmas trees that can be planted later, is a great way to go GREEN!!!

Brides…..don’t be afraid of holiday decor for your wedding.  With the right wedding planner and designer, you can create a spectacular Winter wedding for all to remember. Avoiding the pitfalls of “holiday tacky” can be easy if you know what to do.  Have fun with it, and you just might find that the holiday season is your best ally and not the enemy!

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