Think Personal, Not Perfection!

The wedding industry spends millions of dollars every year to promote the idea of the “perfect” wedding.  Countless television shows, magazines, and books, all work very hard to create the idea that unless it’s “perfect” it’s somehow a failure.  We are inundated with a veritable slew of shows that feature bridezilla’s, and women behaving badly because they can’t get their families to cough up the mortgage on their homes to give their little princess the “perfect” wedding.  Why?????  It does not have to be this way!!

As a florist for many years, I counseled many brides on how to think differently about their wedding.  My first question then and now, is, “what memory do YOU want to take away from your wedding day?”  Often brides would be taken aback when they really had to think about what was most important to them…..especially after having they, and everyone around them, “nutted up” about the “perfect” venue, food, bridesmaids, flowers, etc. Most answered as I would predict, that they want to end the day satisfied that their guests had a wonderful time, and would remember the wedding as a happy event!

Remember that have the battle in achieving the wedding that you envision, is starting early, and hiring a planner to help wade through the details that a bride should NEVER be stressing over. Think about how to make your wedding reflect both you and your groom’s personalities.  Add something unique that showcases your interests, taste, and sometimes, quirkiness that will create a lasting memory.  Most of the time, these are simple and inexpensive ideas that your guests will walk away thinking, “wow how lovely and fun!”  And if something goes wrong…which I can guarantee will happen 9 times out of 10…..well chalk it up to life’s little reality check and go with the flow.  Most of the time, the imperfections are the happiest of memories!!!!

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