You’re Engaged, Now What?

Congratulations!  You’re engaged to be married!  Now….. where do you begin?

First and foremost, DO NOT PANIC!  Take time to enjoy the engagement phase, and notify your friends and family that the two of you are planning to wed.  Trust me, it’s at this point where everyone will offer their opinions and ideas on where and when you should get married.  Newsstand magazines and television programs, dedicated to help you plan the “perfect” wedding, are all competing for your attention!  Take a deep breath, slow down, and take a few things into consideration before you set the date in stone.

Before you even decide on the where, start with the when!  Obviously to most, the “when” is key in determining if the wedding will be indoors or out.  But did you know the “when” is also important when developing your budget?  Many brides have no idea, or really have never stopped to think about the cost of flowers throughout certain times of the year.  While a Valentine wedding is a romantic idea for some, the cost of roses can be as much as 3 x’s higher 2-3 weeks prior, and 2-3 weeks following the day!  The month of May is another “red flag” time for flowers……ALL FLOWERS!  Mother’s Day is one of the more demanding floral holidays of the entire year.  Again, flowers are significantly marked up due to the demand.  I suggest if you are set on getting married in May, look toward the end of the month to save money on your flowers. The prices will be less, and the availability of certain blooms will have increased.

The biggest bite out of your budget will most likely be the venue.  The cost of the “where” in this case can fluctuate greatly depending on the season.  Many wedding venues offer their “off season” rates during the slower winter months when guests and events have dropped off. While I don’t suggest planning an outdoor wedding during the winter and spring months, most indoor venues, especially B&B or resort settings, offer significant discounts, and are more willing to negotiate during the slower business months.  It is worth having your wedding planner do a little digging!  You might save enough for a wonderful honeymoon!



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